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Luxure Seal

Luxure Seal

“Experience our collection of Blankets, Throws, and Window Panels, woven with extra care and love. Srisha offers an attractive range of products with distinct designs, and styles as well as customised products with desired prints and textures to match the style and ambience.“

Why Luxury Seal

Our ‘Luxure Seal’ brand of products is manufactured using only the finest raw materials and craftsmanship. We use fibers that is superior in quality and soft and luxurious to the touch. We believe in innovation to design iconic hotel linens with the use of high-quality raw materials, stringent quality control to meet international demands and consumer needs. Our products are safe, user-friendly, and well designed.

With ‘‘Luxure Seal’, experience the luxury of premium quality, affordable hotel and home utility linen that covers a range of products including BATH TOWELS, SPA TOWELS, POOL TOWELS, BLANKETS, TOP SHEETS, PILLOW CASES, BATH ROBE, BAR MOBS, COMFORTERS, QUILTS and etc.

Window Panel
Sheer Panel